"...It's Boulder City, what'd you expect?"

1. Boulder City
"What might be considered the republican party right outside of Las Vegas, this little town is the only place in Nevada that regulates the amount of people moving into the city (also refereed to as BC, Boulder, and most commonly - Boulder Shitty).

This place is famous (and infamous) for: underage drinking and drug use, lost football games, olympic swimmers, people who hate each other profusely and the town in which they reside, rapid fire gossip, parents who are far to involved with their children, a fat inadequate police force, desert bombing, bonfires, a joke of a city council that wastes all of its budget on statues, meth labs, that one kid who mad it on Tosh.0 and spending the whole night thinking of what to do but never actually accomplishing anything. Oh yeah . . . and Hoover Damn (and to be honest some kick ass hot springs). Las Vegas is the light at the end of the tunnel, as many resident are frequent visitors or converts to the ways of Las Vegas.
1.) "We totally Boulder Cityed it last night" "What do you mean by that" "We sat on my couch all night thinking of what we were gonna do"
2.)"Oh my god the rumor spread around like a Boulder City" "It happened six hours ago and everyone knows"

Boulder City, synonyms: boredom, confusion, under the influence, squatting.

Boulder City, antonyms
: adventure, creativity, intelligens."

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