Please, Mr. Postman

It's called reverse homesickness.

Catch the last weekend of the last week

Min High School experience ar nu officiellt over.



It is an honor to be a guestblogger on Mathildas blog. If you are reading this you might be thinking that I am American and that that is so cool, but Im afraid I am going to have to disappoint you and say that I am Norwegian. Tjenare grannar! But my experience with Swedes is that they have a hard time understanding my Norwegian so I figured English would be better.

So I have like a gazillion Swedish relatives and some of them lives in Västerås! Typ, hur kul som helst! I speak fluent Swedish......I thought.... According to Tilds (nicknames, or smeknamn -haha- like this will occur) I have a Stockholm dialekt, meaning = NOT GOOD. All these years I thought my Swedish was just excellent, apparently not, thank you Tilda. Except for crushing my confidence when it comes to Swedish, Mathilda, you are awesome. You're like coldplay, The Killers, Muse and Kent all together, a dream.. haha.. Mathilda and I share I love for Sven Ingvars, Vikingarna, Friends, Harry Potter, Monki, Urban Outfitters, H&M (or..any store for that matter), music, and New Years Eve. I have one thing to say to you Jennie: hur ska jag klara mig utan dine guldbruna ögon?

One thing that is really freaky is that we practically share the same brain, the only exception is that mine doesnt have that much knowledge about physics and math, but other than that!

A much used sentene: "Get out of my head!!"

We think alike! Its so cool, mostly freaky, but still kinda cool. I mentioned our love for new years eve and the both of us were very disappointed in the Americans. It was like starting a new year wasnt that important! HELLOOOO? So we went through a depression (Great Depression) at the start of this year, but we got through it, together :) aww.. Good thing about us always thinking the same is that everything is just easier. No one understood why I was so sad when we didnt do anything on new years eve, so I went right to Mathilda and we just talked and talked and talked 'cause guess what? She felt the same way! There is one remedy for homesickness: Starbucks, Friends and Mathilda. Our shared passion for countless hours of watching friends and quoting our God, Chandler Bing, is just one of the many reasons why I love this girl!


I probably could go on and on about what we have in common and stuff like that but I just wanted to say Mathilda, I'm going to miss you so much - I'm so happy you live in Sweden, or in BC for that matter. So when I get my lisence, I'm probably going to stop by every weekend, just though I'd let you know. And then we're going to drive around blasting teach my how to dougie and segertåget in my brand new BMW, Audi, Range Rover or Lexus! I just have so much fun with this girl. After what I have heard it sounds like she has great friends and a great family in Eskilstuna! Love that place. Its so pretty there! And I know she is really excited to see you all again. I will take good care of her and have lots of fun, even though we live in Boulder, before we both go home :)

Mathilda, hva skulle jeg gjort her uten deg?


Chandler: Gum would be perfection?
Gum would be perfection!
Could've said gum would be nice
Could've said I'll have a stick
But no no no no, to me, gum is perfection.
I loath myself.

I'm gonna miss our so deep, serious and meaningful conversations on facebook.

I'm gonna miss taking pictures with you and pinecones.
I'm gonna miss conquering America with you.
I'm gonna miss the "dementor" version of you.
I'm gonna miss making bears with you.
How can we forget sadies?
Not having lunch every day?
And of course.. Going to Vegas with you.
I'm just gonna miss you.
I consider you one of my best friends, I love you so much. :)
.. hey, that reminds me of an episode of friends!

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